My Experience At The Radisson Aquatica hotel in Barbados..

When it comes to hotels, Its fair to say I know my stuff. Prior to my trip to Barbados, my party and I had spent months reading through reviews from The Radisson hotel (reportedly a 4 star hotel, but we’ll get to that later) in Barbados, snooping through photos on trip advisor and Instagram and even researching the surrounding location to know what to expect when we got on the island. Although I often joke about being a ‘hotel snob’ my hopes and wants for any hotel are fairly simple: clean, great hospitality, attentiveness and somewhat unique. Sadly the Radisson Aquatica lacked a great deal of these, but before we get to the negatives, first lets start with the what the hotel actually looks like and its positive attributes, if by chance you are interested in booking a stay here.

Upon arrival, we had to wait an excessive 1 hour for our rooms to be ready, despite arriving on time for check-in as our rooms were still being ‘cleaned’. Over a 9 hour flight followed by waiting in the open plan lobby in the heat, wasn’t the best way to start our impressions, but on to the room. Not much thought or creativity was put into the rooms interior design (ocean view room) and we were highly disappointed in how badly maintained the bathroom was kept. From visible cracks in the tiles around the bath floor and stains throughout the walls of the shower, it was almost uncomfortable for my partner and I not to feel grossed out by their clear lack of care. In addition to this, this was actually our second room as our first had a toilet leak and this particular room had a leak in the bedroom from the air con which we had to call reception to get looked into since house keeping didn’t think it was necessary to report.

Hoping the faults only came with my Partner and I’s room, we also found out that a member of our party had entered a room that had claimed to be cleaned, yet the bed sheets were stained with makeup and hairbrushes were left underneath her bed. Completely unacceptable when considering this is supposed to be a 4 star hotel.

The balcony view was one thing that made the room have a positive quality. With the hotel literally being perched on top of one of the most beautiful white sand beaches  you will ever see. With crystal clear blue waters, palm trees and the sound of crashing waves to wake up to, this factor alone made our stay here amazing.

I’m always going to deliver the most honest reviews to you all, no matter how harsh they may be and frankly, If your planning on visiting the Caribbean island of Barbados, I’d avoid this hotel at all costs. If we weren’t dealing with hotel room problems, we were dealing with rude staff members and weren’t made to feel wanted here. Despite all the negatives, I do want to say that these problems had no effect on the amazing members of staff we did encounter during our time here. Thank you to Jasmine, Giselle and Tremaine for doing their best to keep us happy and comfortable throughout our stay here. We do appreciate your efforts but will recommend the Radisson Aquatica undergoes a major revamp as the way it stands today, cannot be classified as a 4 star hotel.

Take it from me, you are paying for the view and that alone. Book at your own risk.




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