Lunch at Bob Bob Ricard in London’s Soho..

You’d be lying if you said you haven’t seen the flood of Instagram posts of freshly manicured nails pushing a button with a ‘press for champagne’ sign above it and wondered.. ‘Where is this?! And how do I get one of these buttons in my house’. Well not to worry, I was in the same boat until today and couldn’t wait to head down to London’s Soho district to give Bob Bob Ricard a try, finally! Situated in Upper James Street, uniformed staff serve Russian inspired food in a stunning vintage deco space that gives off major old Hollywood/vintage train carriage vibes.

Upon arrival we were quickly shown to our booth. Super soft cobalt blue leather seats with marble tables dominate the space and the choice of interior almost makes you feel like your on a vintage train, albeit a very chic vintage train, as the design of the restaurant is simply stunning and very well thought through. Not too formal to the point where you feel somewhat intimated by its elegance but just the right amount where your able to feel comfortable and welcomed. Our lovely waiter then proceeded to take our coats and give our orders to the kitchen.

If your anything like me, your first thought when sitting down will surely be ‘these plates are incredible’. Pink and white plates with a gold trim highlight the table, making it even more exciting to see what the dishes look like when presented. Now, onto the most important factor of any restaurant, HOW IS THE FOOD? Honestly, simply incredible would be me being modest. I went for the Crispy Pork Belly on rolled cranberry, served with kale and an apple jus for a very reasonable price of £22.50 and a side of Mashed Potatoes for £5.95. The pork belly was cooked to perfection, pratically falling apart due to its tenderness, coupled with the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted. My friend who dined with me on this occassion, going for the Chicken Kiev, breaded and stuffed with garlic and parsley butter, served with cream corn for £24.50. Described as tender, juicy and one of the best she’s ever tasted, in addition to another portion of the Mashed Potatoes.

And try not to be fooled by the portion size, the meals were petite but surprisingly incredibly filling and the perfect amount to where you don’t have to unbutton your favourite skinny jeans, but rather draw a few deep breaths. If it hadn’t been for the inevitable champagne order of Moet for £15.50, we would have surely made room for a starter and dessert which I’ve heard many great things about. Prior to our visit, my eyes were peeled on the Crab Salad With Chilli And Avocado for starters and the Chocolate Fondant for dessert. If any of you have had either, do let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it! If my stomach had permitted, those would be my first choice!

If you were in need of a push as to whether or not to dine at Bob Bob Ricard, this is it! Incredible service, outstanding food and a fabulous atmosphere. Tell them Shen sent you and happy dining! Remember, press for Champagne!




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