My birthday meal at Benihana, Chelsea..

On the 1st of August, I celebrated my 22nd birthday at the amazing Benihana restaurant in London’s Chelsea. Already on a life high following my weekend trip to the Netherlands, I was very excited to visit this restaurant I’d heard nothing but great reviews about. Upon arrival the atmosphere felt relaxed and the staff were more than welcoming so we were eager to be seated and get the celebration started.

Once being seated, we were quickly informed of how the menus work and were more than excited to start placing orders before we met our sweet chef who’d be entertaining us for the night. Starting out with some cocktails ranging from strawberry daiquiri’s, virgin Pina coladas and Bellinis. You can never go wrong with these.

Soon after we decided to sample 3 different types of sushi, opting for a California roll, crispy prawn tempura roll and an avocado roll. All of which were delicious and definitely started the dining experience on a high note. Following this, we decided to order from the Benihana “traditional” dishes section of the menu, which meant that each dish is first served with ‘Benihana onion soup, hibachi vegetables, salad with ginger dressing, steamed rice and a prawn appetiser’ which was all AMAZING, especially the onion soup which I never thought I’d be a fan of. The food was cooked to perfection, fresh as can be considering we got to watch its preparation and we loved how fast everything was presented since we couldn’t wait to start trying everything.

For our mains we went with Hibachi prawns grilled in lemon and butter and seafood diablos which come with prawns, scallops, calamari and noodles. I’d definitely recommend going to Benihana on an empty stomach as the portions are very generous and filling. The main dishes in my opinion could have done with a little more seasoning and flavour as the noodles in particular did feel quite bland but the seafood was cooked to perfection.

Benihana is a beautiful restaurant with good food, a fun atmosphere and somewhere guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Although we had a great night, it didn’t live up to the hype of which I was anticipating but nonetheless was a lovely dining experience and somewhere I’d be more than happy to recommend to you all. With a few minor adjustments, I believe they could be an outstanding establishment.

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