48 Hours In Rotterdam: A beautiful disaster at the Euromast Brasserie..

With only a couple days to go before my birthday and an appetite larger than life, I wanted to dine somewhere beautiful and iconic whilst enjoying my last night in Rotterdam. After searching through the internet prior to my trip, I loved the sound and look of the restaurant that resided in the Euromast tower. The tower not only offers a restaurant, but also zip lining for thrill seekers, hotel suites for romantic trips or friendly getaways and guided tours.

Upon arrival we we had to first pay an entrance fee to get into the tower (please be aware that everything is done by card payment only) and then were shown to the lift were we found the stunning restaurant. Quickly shown to our table that we had pre booked prior to our arrival, we were then given menus and left for a few moments to make our dinner selection and take in the breathtaking (and slightly scary views) of Rotterdam.

Once having placed our orders, we had to wait a while before we were given a portion of bread which I was highly disappointed with considering we were given only 2 rolls with our party containing 4 people. In addition to this, we had noticed that behind us, also a table of 4 had been given a much larger selection and had been presented with their appetiser a lot faster than we had. Although this was quite displeasing, our sweet wine was amazing and a high recommendation.

Swiftly the night started to go downhill from here. I’m never one to leave a bad review and try my best to find a positive in all situations but unfortunately their wasn’t much that could be done to save this evening. After an hour and a half of waiting for our food to be presented to us, a manager of some sort came over to tell us that their was a problem with the orders and that the chef had no recollection of our orders, so we had to then wait a further 30 minutes for our food to arrive. Two hours spent starving, frustrated and watching day fall into night, left us all quite annoyed and disappointed with our service. In addition to this, whilst waiting we weren’t met with apologies or reassurance once, which I would have appreciated. Hours later our food was presented.

Whilst we were all still frustrated, the most important thing was that the food was now here and it looked absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it stopped there. 1 bite into my dish which was the ‘Grilled king prawns $21.50‘ which came with slightly spicy curry sauce, onions, bean sprouts, yardiong beans and noodles was to put it nicely, a beautiful disaster. With the prawns being incredibly fresh, hardly seasoned and the noodles resembling a 50p pack of noodles you’d find in your local supermarket. Two members of my party opted for the ‘Baked chicken fillet $19.50‘ served with glass noodles, oriental vegetables, soy sauce and a red curry prawn cracker. Both of which could not finish the meal as the chicken was dry, tasteless and clearly rushed. Our dining experience was a huge disappointment which was a shame considering the views were outstanding.

Once being asked how our meal was and explaining how saddened we were by not only the service but the poor level of food, our meals were quickly removed from the overall bill which was kind of the manager to do since we were clearly unhappy with the experience. It was bittersweet from start to finish visiting the brasserie in the Euromast. Bitter due to the overall experience but sweet as we got to see a stunning panoramic view of the city whilst we were here. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this restaurant, but I do recommend that you go on a tour at the top of the tower simply for the views as I can’t deny that they will honestly take your breath away.


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