4 Tips On Booking Your First AirBnb abroad..

Before we get into this post, allow me to briefly state that I’m finally BACK to blogging again! Unfortunately life got incredibly hectic and I started to slack, but I am officially ready to take 2017 by storm and most importantly, keep you guys inspired! In April, my partner and I booked our very first Airbnb in Miami, Florida. Coming all the way from the grey skies of London, we were to say the least a little nervous about this but during our time we learnt so much and would definitely recommend using Airbnb to everybody who wants to try something a little different from your usual hotel setting. Here are 4 tips on booking your first Airbnb abroad:

Research the location/area: 

I can’t tell you how much time we spent researching the area in which our Airbnb apartment was located. Hours were spent checking how far everything was from us, the track record of the location in terms of safety, checking how far the distance was from the airport to the property and of course google maps became our best friend as we had a cheeky spy on the apartment before clicking ‘book now’. Make sure you know enough about where your going to assure you will be in a safe enough location away from home.

Read the reviews: 

The reviews left on the pages of renters are from real people with real feedback left after their stay. It is crucial that you read as many as possible to get an overall feel of how people felt about their time in this home. Although some people may have mixed emotions, you’ll be safer than sorry to go with the majority vote of the space. If 90% of the reviews are negative, chances are it probably isn’t the best place to go for your first trip.

Communicate with the host and ask questions: 

If theres something your unsure of, message your host. They are their to make your stay as amazing as possible so don’t be afraid to ask any and everything before visiting the property. Can you smoke in the property? Do you provide toiletries? Does the property have wifi? These are all important questions you are entitled to know, so read the rules and regulations on the Airbnb website AND get to communicating with your host.

Be a GREAT guest: 

Although us as guests can leave reviews of the property we visit, the host Is also obligated to leave feedback of the guest they hosted and you want your first review and the ones to follow to be great! The better the reviews you get as a guest, the better your chances are at being accepted to stay at future properties you have your eye on. Keep the property clean, as if it were your own. Be respectful of noise and your neighbours and just overall be a pleasure to host.

Our first feedback from our amazing host Fernando.

If you are visiting Miami and looking for a property to rent, check out our first here. Located in the beautiful suburban area of ‘Coral Gables’, amazing host and only £60 a night! My partner and I had such a wonderful experience and will definitely be booking more on AirBnb in the near future. Remember these tips and enjoy your first stay!


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